Genna Kusch is a print artist, specializing in relief printing. Her current work is concerned with story-telling, illustration, and the natural world. She lives in Prince Edward County and works with organizations like the Baxter Arts Centre, Spark Box Studio and the Department of Illumination to create art and arts education programming.


A relief print is one where the image is printed from a design raised on the surface of a block. The plate is made by cutting away those areas of the block which you do not want to appear in the design, and rolling ink onto the top surface. In this type of print the ink lies on the top of the block and is transferred to the paper under light pressure.

After creating a design, the image is transferred to birch woodblocks and then carve in relief using handtools, knives and gouges. Relief printing presses typically have a bed on which the block is placed face up, a dry sheet of paper placed on top and an upper surface is brought down to press the paper onto the block. Hand burnishing tools can also be used to transfer the ink to the paper.



2011 Postgraduate Diploma in Education, University of Glasgow, Glasgow UK

2009   Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours, Queen’s University, Kingston ON


2009   Artist Residency, Spark Box Studio, Picton ON

2009   Andre Bieler Prize, Queen’s  University, Kingston ON


2010   Flight, The Modern Fuel, Kingston ON

2009   Songs and Stories I Remember, The Grad Club, Kingston ON


2020 Ice Box: Migration, Macaulay Heritage Park, Picton ON

2019 2020 Print Calendar, Blizzmax Gallery, Prince Edward County ON

2019 Ice Box, Macaulay Heritage Park, Picton ON

2018 Remixing Environments, Blizzmax Gallery, Prince Edward County ON

2018 mini MEGA Print Auction & Reception, Critical Mass, Port Hope ON

2016 Ex Libris, Artspace, Peterborough ON

2017 Artist Interview, Gathered Gallery

2017 County Contemporary II, Lipson Room, Picton ON

2016 Ex Libris, Blizzmax Gallery, Prince Edward County ON

2011 The Printmakers from Queen’s, Durham Art Gallery, Durham ON

2009   We Made A Deal With The Devil, Kingston & Ottawa ON

2009   BFAH  Graduating Exhibition, Ontario Hall, Queen’s University Kingston ON

2009   BFA Select: Playground, Agnes Etherington Art Center, Kingston ON 

 2009   Profane Illuminations, The Union Gallery, Kingston ON

2008   Paintings on Wood, 4 Colour 8 Bit, Kingston ON

2007   Queen’s on Queen Street, Propeller Gallery, Toronto ON

2006   24/7, Queen’s University BFA Class, Union Gallery, Queen’s University, Kingston ON


2008   ARTHappens8, Union Gallery, Kingston ON


2011 Spark Box Studio, Picton ON

2009 Spark Box Studio, Picton ON

2008 Gravity Press Experimental Print Shop, North Adams, MASS

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