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"Mimics: Snake" Woodcut Print Set (2)

$60.00 CAD

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Coral Snake and Milk Snake pair designed, carved and printed by artist Genna Kusch.

Mimicry enables animals to appear to be other than they are. This is an example of Batesian mimicry, where a harmless species has evolved to imitate the appearance of a harmful or poisonous species in order to deter predators.

Printed from two blocks (key block and  reduction colour block ) with Van Son black ink on 250 gsm Somerset (a smooth white archival printmaking paper).

Limited Edition of 20. Each print is signed, titled and numbered by the artist.

10"x12" (image including signature approximately 8" x 11")

Each print is handmade and unique - colour density and details may vary slighting. the prints are signed on the front side. Frame not included.

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