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"Osteomancy" Woodcut Print

$65.00 CAD

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Hand carved drawing of cast bones, designed, cut in low relief on birch plywood and printed on Natural Kitakata paper by artist Genna Kusch. 

Forms of divination, such as bone reading, as a way of providing structure to the uncertainty of the future was my inspiration for this print. The desire to foretell the future in order to prepare for it or attempt to alter its course, to me seems simultaneously comforting and futile. So this print is my attempt at exploring those ideas. The cast bones are left unread, and are open to a subjective and individual reading depending on how you see or would like to see your future unfolding. 

Limited Edition of 12. Each print is signed, titled and numbered by the artist.

12"x12" (image including signature approximately 10.5" x 10.5")

Each print is handmade and unique - colour density and details may vary slighting. the prints are signed on the front side. Frame not included.

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